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Fortified wine

Delve into the fortified world of Port, Madeira, Sherry Read More Show Less

Fortified wine is a vast area for such a simple term, encompassing any wine which has been finished with the addition of distilled spirit, either to halt the fermentation, resulting in a sweeter finished wine or simply to preserve it. These can be extraordinarily complex wines, with some Vintage Ports easily as impressive as top Bordeaux, at a fraction of the price. If you're looking for something a bit lighter, start the evening with a salty unfiltered Fino Sherry and some nibbles!

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  1. Skillogalee Liquer Muscat

    Skillogalee Liquer Muscat

    This beautifully sweet liqueur is made by Skillogalee in Clare Valley, Australia.

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  2. Hidalgo Pedro Ximenez Triana Sherry 50cl

    Hidalgo Pedro Ximenez Triana Sherry 50cl

    This is probably the stickiest, thickest, densest wines out there on the market.

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  3. Krohn LBV Port

    Krohn LBV Port

    A deep ruby coloured port with spicy, herby and fruity aromas.

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  4. Churchills Vintage Port 2003

    Churchills Vintage Port 2003

    Full of ripe red fruit such as cherries and red plums Learn More
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4 Items