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Closure FAQ

Q. I have credit remaining on my Enomatic Card, what can I do with it?

A. As printed on the Enomatic Card, cards expire within 365 days from the last charge. However, we do not want customers to lose out if they had previously paid for credit and cards were valid at the initial point of closure. Therefore, if you have remaining credit on an Enomatic Card, and the card was valid on 03/03/2023 (i.e. the card was purchased after 03/03/2022) then we will re-instate the card for a period of 6 months and credit can be used in the shop or against any of our events. If the card was not valid on 03/03/2023 (i.e. it was purchased before 02/03/2022) then I’m afraid the card expired prior to the initial closure of The Wine Library and will be considered invalid.

Q. I was given a Gift Card for Christmas, will The Wine Library closure affect Gift Card redemptions?

A. No. All valid gift cards can still be used in the shop. The credit can be used to purchase anything in-store, including tickets to any of our events. All gift cards expire after 365 days from the point of charge/purchase – as printed on the gift card.

Closure FAQ

Q. We have booked The Wine Library for a private event in 2024 – what happens to our booking?

A. We will certainly be continuing with private wine education and private tasting room bookings in 2024. In fact, we want more… Many more! If you have a booking, you will be contacted by a member of the team in due course to discuss your options. The room will still be available to you on this date, however the dispensing machines will not be in use.

Q. What happens to my loyalty scheme benefits if The Wine Library is no longer open?

A. The existing scheme provides £100 of free Enomatic ‘credit’ to customers with 1000 points or more. Obviously, we can no longer continue with this benefit due to the closure of The Wine Library. As an alternative, with immediate effect, we will be providing the customer with the option to choose either a free ticket to one of our events (to the maximum value of £30, excluding The Fromage Sessions), or a £20 discount voucher to be used against shop purchases*. We encourage you to use all Loyalty Scheme benefits prior to 1st August 2024 when we plan to reassess and reset the loyalty scheme.

Closure FAQ

Q. I have existing ‘Loyalty Credit’ on an Enomatic Card – what happens to this?

A. Until 1st August 2024, for every £10 of ‘Loyalty Credit’ remaining on Loyalty Cards handed back into us, we will exchange this for £2 of discount that can be used against shop or event purchases. For instance, if you have a Loyalty Card with £50 on, you’ll receive £10 off in-store. Following 1st August 2024, all ‘Loyalty Credit’ remaining on cards will be deemed null and void.

*Certain products/events are excluded from this offer.