Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

The Wine Library at Tivoli Wines in Cheltenham, opened in November 2017 to give people the chance to taste and learn about wine in a relaxing atmosphere, at their own pace, as well as hosting regular events and tastings on wines, spirits and more.

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The Wine Library

The Wine Library

Opened in Cheltenham in November 2017, the Wine Library is a destination for wine lovers and learners alike to explore and taste wine in comfort and at their own pace. For the first time in Gloucestershire, visitors can sample 32 wines from state-of-the-art Enomatic tasting machines with a further number of fine wines available by Coravin, all chosen by the Tivoli Wines team.

What's on taste?

Taste and learn in your own time...

Taste and learn in your own time...

Our Enomatic tasting machines make wine tasting easy, and mean that you can learn in your own time, however you choose. There's always someone on hand to help, so if you fancy a quick private wine tasting session, come and have a chat and we'll show you some wines we think you'd like. On the other hand, you might prefer to explore by yourself and we'll just leave you to it!

After loading a top-up card with a member of the team, visitors are encouraged to sample as many or as few wines as they like, choosing from samples of 25ml, 75ml or 125ml, from 80p for a sample of a shop favourite to £80 for a glass of some of the best wine in the world. Stay a little longer and enjoy perfect cheese and charcuterie plates from our neighbour Maison Chaplais. that you can buy better! that you can buy better!

Supermarkets aren't the best place to buy wine. Their buying power means they can put cheaper wines on the shelf but that doesn't necessarily mean better value. Wine tasting is the best way to find great wine you love, for better value. We want to dispel the myth that any wine over £10 is overpriced, and our way of doing that is to make it easier to taste excellent wines in a relaxing space, so you can learn what makes the best wine so good to drink.

The Wine Library will be closed for private functions or tastings (see below) on the following dates.

Saturday 27th July (Evening)
Thursday 1st August (Evening)
Wednesday 21st August (Evening)
Friday 30th August (Evening)
Wednesday 18th September (Evening)
Friday 20th September (Evening)
Friday 27th September (Evening)
Wednesday 9th October (Evening)
Thursday 24th October (Evening)
Friday 1st November (Evening)
Friday 8th November (Evening)
Saturday 9th November (Evening)
Friday 29th November (Evening)
Friday 6th December (Evening)
Saturday 7th December (Evening)

Wine Library Events & Wine Tasting

  1. 31 Jan 2020
    Chile - Festival Wine Tasting (31.01.20)

    Chile - Festival Wine Tasting (31.01.20)

    Tasting of the coastal and mountain influenced wines of Chile. 

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