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France is blessed with such a varied geography and climate, not to mention tradition, that there's virtually no style it can't produce. When typically French grapes turn up around the world, we can't help compare the resulting wines to their cousins back home. Like a bit of electricity in your whites? Try Sancerre. Celebrating? It could only be Champagne. Something special with lamb? It has to be Burgundy, and you know it...

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  1. Charles Heidsieck Rosé Reserve NV

    Charles Heidsieck Rosé Reserve NV


    Rosé Champagne that you can drink all the way through a meal, and beyond. 

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  2. Cedre Heritage Malbec

    Cedre Heritage Malbec


    A blend of 95% Malbec with a splash (5%) of Merlot.

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2 Items