AA Badenhorst Kalmoesfontein White Blend

‘A little bit of everything’ white blend from one of South Africa’s most exciting winemakers.

The makeup of the Kalmoesfontein White blend varies year on year, but it always has Chenin Blanc at its core. 2019’s vintage is just over 50% Chenin, with near enough equal amounts of Semillon and Roussanne, and some Viognier, Grenache and Palomino thrown in for good measure.
Badenhorst says “processing is quite straightforward when you work with fantastic grapes from old vineyards.” And when the wine is this good, you don’t question it.
Lively and textural, with zesty limes, lily blossom, stone fruit and white pepper. Beautiful now, but as with many of the Family wines, if you were to keep hold of it, it’ll become a different beast - rounder, richer and a little honeyed.

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More Information
Wine TypeWhite wine
ClosureNatural Cork
Alc. Vol14
CountrySouth Africa
Grape VarietalChenin Blanc, Grenache Blanc, Palomino, Semillon, Viognier

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What is Organic wine

What is Organic wine

Organic wine literally means the wine has been made from grapes which are farmed organically. This means no chemical fertilizers or herbisides have been used on the vineyard. 

Organic wine is defined as wine made with grapes farmed organically but this is just the first phase in organic wine making, the second phase invovles the fermentation and preservation process and this is also vital in definign organic wine. 

The defination of organic wine does vary country by country, in the US for example it is defined by the use or non use of perservatives such as sulphur but a seperate labeling system means a wine can be classed as Organic if the grapes are harvested from a 100% certifed farm even if sulphates are added at the winery. In the UK and Europe organic wine simply means that the grapes are farmed organically but to be certifed Organic the vineyards have to adopt specific practices throughout the winemaking process.